Greenline Africa has an exciting action orientated volunteer program aimed at making a difference to our environment, our people and the communities in which we work. Travel with a purpose.

Our volunteer program is a truly African experience offered at the Greenline Africa Centre, and is open to volunteers from around the world. The Greenline Africa volunteer program operates all year round, including public holidays. Activities include conservation, recycling, education, health, community development and rural agriculture which are run in partnership with local traditional leaders, school authorities and appropriate authorities. We suggest you stay for a minimum of  1-2 weeks, however, longer tailor made volunteer experiences can be put together on request.

Volunteers are kept busy Monday to Friday and weekends are spent at leisure for volunteers to experience the adventure and adrenalin side of Victoria Falls and Livingstone and soak up the local culture. Greenline Africa can organize your adventure activities at discounted rates.

Greenline Africa Volunteer Programme also offers a unique experience for Families with children between the ages of 9 and 17 (Please enquire further if your children fall outside these ages). Why not tag on a week to your safari? Specialised family programs will be put together to suite your family experience by the Greenline Africa Coordinator. One week experience starts from $850 per adult and children between the ages of 9 and 12 years of age $700 per child.

Greenline Africa Volunteer Programme major areas of focus are:


  • Early Childhood education
  • Playgrounds for Peace
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Sports

Community Development

  • Agricultural projects
  • Vegetable gardens
  • Composting
  • Support to local Gogo’s (Grannys who are looking after children, mainly orphans)
  • Building
  • Bee-keeping and other income generating community projects.

Environment and Conservation Management

  • Alien species removal such as lantana camera vegetation
  • Gully reclaimation and road maintenance
  • Clean Up operations
  • Assistance at the Recycling Centre
  • Bird identification, especially Raptors within the area
  • Tree planting and protection

Family Volunteering

  • A personalized itinerary can be developed between the Family and Greenline Africa which will enable a truly African experience.