Veronica Chapman –Trustee

Born and educated in Harare, Zimbabwe. With many years of heading up a successful management recruitment consultancy in SA, she gained insight and knowledge working with people across all sectors of society. She was the Editor of Greenline, a magazine focusing on conservation and communities in Southern Africa. Having returned to Zimbabwe in 2011, Veronica is the Green Tourism Representative for Southern Africa, an international certification programme for the tourism industry. Currently she is working with Africa Conservation Travel, ACT.


Namo Chuma – Trustee
Born in Hwange District. Namo has a passion for the environment and the communities in which he works. He started his career as a teacher, before joining Environment Africa (EA) where he successfully built up and managed the Victoria Falls office. He is currently the Zambia Country Director for EA. As a Trustee of Greenline Africa, Namo brings a wealth of experience in development work, especially with children and youth.


Charlene Hewat – Trustee
Born in Zimbabwe, Charlene is a proud African who has a passion for sustainable development initiatives. Founder and former CEO of Environment Africa, with an MSc in Development Management, Charlene has 30 years experience in organisational and community development and is a highly respected conservationist. Charlene is now based in Victoria Falls and voluntarily assists Greenline Africa on a regular basis, sharing her knowledge and experience in sustainable development.