Water for Elephant

Victoria Falls Marathon 2019

Water for ELEPHANT

Would you want to let elephant die because of the lack of water?

This year, we have faced a terrible drought in Zimbabwe and because of this water is going to be key, especially in the months of September, October and November this year. One of the projects Greenline Africa is supporting with the Vic Falls Marathon is to put in a solar pump for the elephant in the Presidential Elephant research Trust (PERT) area of Hwange.

Hwange National Park is home to one of the largest elephant populations in Africa. An estimate 44,000 pachyderms inhabit the 14,651km sq park. You can see herds of up to 350 elephant at a time in this area. Elephants are special animals with an incredibly strong bond.

Sadly elephant populations remain threatened due to habitat loss and poaching and PERT are going to be carrying out research in the area, but the first emergency right now is to get water for the elephants. By participating in the Vic Falls marathon 2019, you will be helping us raise the funds needed to put in a solar pump for the elephants to have water.

The Victoria Falls Marathon continues to support Greenline Africa’s Recycling project and the Victoria Falls Clean up projects

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