Sponsor a Child



The area we work in has vulnerable rural communities with extreme levels of poverty and a high number of children are orphaned or living with HIV/AIDS. Your sponsorship ensures a child has a brighter future with education, adequate nutrition and good health. In addition, your sponsorship helps improve and maintain the school and sustainable community womenled projects surrounding the school. Together we can help save children’s lives, protect them and provide them with hope for the future.

How Sponsorship Works:
We have profiles of the individual children in the pre-schools we are working with. When you sponsor a child, you will get details of that particular child and will receive regular updates on his/her progress. Your donation not only supports the sponsored child but a portion is comibined with other gifts to support programmes that help make life better for the children
and their families in the communities we serve.

How you can support:

Sponsor a child
Sponsor a child or children.

$30 a month will go towards sponsoring a child. The funds will go towards their school fees, uniforms, paying for outings, books etc and the balance will go towards projects that directly benefit all the children in the school and surrounding sustainable projects in the community.

Make a small donation. Create a big impact.