Communities in need

The Greenline Africa Team, Gary, Mike and myself, Charlene, helped to move an elderly couple, Mr Ngwenya and Rodah, from the rural area into the Victoria Falls Old Age home. They are both in real pain and had only been surviving on porridge once a day. Thanks to Councillor Moyo, the community, the caring staff at the home, VFM and HRDC, Yvonne Jandles – all went well and Rodah met up with an old friend. Sadly, the orphaned boy of 18, Thambani, is now left at home in the rural area on his own and we are not sure what to do.

You can make a difference!

Any donation to our rural community projects in and around Victoria Falls that supports the elderly and youth such as Mr Ngwenya, Rodah and the 18 year old Thambani is welcome.

A recurrent support from as little as 10 US $ a month adds sustainability and will be life-changing for people like Thambani or Rodah.

You can also send any amount directly to donate(at) using or support our work as a volunteer.