Get involved, support, sponsor or donate to help us help women, children and youth in need.

Be part of the positive change in the lives of these communities in and around Victoria Falls, we need your help!


Sponsor a Gogo


We support community identified vulnerable homesteads that are headed by ‘Gogo’s’ (Grandmothers).  The Gogo’s are elderly and are taking care of their grandchildren who have been orphaned or abandoned.  Gogo’s are selected by the community and are frail and find it hard to work in the fields to support their family.

How you can support:

$50 per month provides a basic needs Food Pack for a homestead of five to seven people, mainly children, and it is delivered personally to the homestead once a month.

Monthly Food-pack includes:  meali-meal, beans, vegetables, tea, oil, soap

Sponsor receives:

* photo of the Gogo and family

* GPS co-ordinate of the homestead

* News update twice a year

Make a small donation. Create a big impact.



Greenline Africa has an exciting action orientated volunteer program aimed at making a difference to our environment, our people and the communities in which we work. Travel with a purpose.

Our volunteer program is a truly African experience offered at the Greenline Africa Centre, and is open to volunteers from around the world. The Greenline Africa volunteer program operates all year round, including public holidays. Activities include conservation, recycling, education, health, community development and rural agriculture which are run in partnership with local traditional leaders, school authorities and appropriate authorities. We suggest you stay for a minimum of  1-2 weeks, however, longer tailor made volunteer experiences can be put together on request. Continue reading “Volunteer”


Call us, write an e-mail, visit us in Victoria Falls, Dibutibu or on Facebook!

For all enquiries ask Edith, our Programmes Coordinator.

Anne, our German representative, answers questions about the volunteer program in German language.

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